Preparing for Easter: A Family Lenten Devotional

Preparing for Easter: A Family Lenten Devotional

February 18, 2022

Observing Lent? Got questions about this very old Christian tradition? Like, “How long is it?” or “Which Wednesday exactly is Ash Wednesday?” or “What about fasting?”

As a parent you might wonder how to teach your children about Lent. Both the length of time and the nature of the spiritual practices involved can make Lent feel overwhelming. The good news for parents is we don’t need to be theologians or historians to talk with our kids about this season of spiritual preparation. We only need to be willing to start the conversation.

Kids Corner has created an easy-to-use weekly family devotional to help you and your children walk through Lent together.

Preparing for Easter: A Family Lenten Devotional includes a Bible verse, short devotion, and family challenge for Ash Wednesday, each Sunday of Lent, Good Friday, and Easter. This resource will introduce you and your family to the meaning of Lent and invite you to learn more about spiritual practices like prayer, giving, confession, and forgiveness. For those that want to go deeper, you can listen to Liz and Friends episodes that reinforce each devotion’s weekly theme.

Create a space for faith to happen during Lent and Easter this year with this easy-to-use Lenten resource.

Ron VandenBurg

Ron VandenBurg

Senior Producer of Children’s Ministry at ReFrame Ministries

Ron VandenBurg joined the ReFrame Ministries team in 2014. He plans and develops projects specifically for the spiritual formation of children. Before coming to ReFrame, Ron taught middle-school for 27 years. Ron completed a M. Ed. degree in Teaching, Learning and Development at Brock University. Ron and Rachel have three fantastic adult children and one grandchild and reside in Ontario.

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