Jacob Becomes Israel

Can you imagine if there was a whole country named after you? That’s what happened to Jacob.

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Then the man said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.”

Audio Icon   Genesis 32:28



Jacob certainly had a wild journey after running away from his home and his brother Esau. He wandered in the desert, got married, worked for his father-in-law for 14 years, had lots of kids, left his father-in-law’s house with all kinds of possessions, wrestled with God, got a new name, and then had to face his brother again. Jacob faced more than enough challenges for one person in a lifetime. Yet, God was always with him, even when he seemed far away from God. And when he literally wrestled with God, God still blessed him and promised to always be with him.

Facing his brother Esau must have felt like the one of the most difficult things that Jacob—now Israel—ever had to do. After all, he had deceived his brother and stolen his father's blessing. But, even after all of Jacob’s problems and fears, his brother forgave him and they became friends again. God was always with Jacob!

Read the whole story of how God was always with Jacob in Genesis 25-33. Want to dig deeper and learn more about God always being with us? Check out Isaiah 41:10, Revelation 3:20, and Zephaniah 3:17.


While we may not physically wrestle with God like Jacob did, there are plenty of things in our lives that we do wrestle with. Maybe we struggle with friends or a certain subject in school or struggle just believing that God is with us when we face trouble in our lives. Make a list of the things that challenge you and then ask God to be with you as you work through them. One of the ways we see that God is with us is through other people. Ask someone you trust to help you with something that you are struggling with.