Paul in Athens

Paul the missionary preached about Jesus and the resurrection.

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Memory Verse

As soon as the people heard Paul say a man had been raised from death, some of them started laughing. Others said, ‘We will hear you talk about this some other time.’”

Audio Icon   Acts 17:32



God gave Paul a very important mission: telling other people about how Jesus died to save them. But the mission wasn’t easy. People didn’t always want to hear Paul speak. Sometimes they called him mean names, and he was even thrown in jail a few times, because he never stopped talking about Jesus. Paul didn’t give up, and people like Dionysius and Damaris came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. When we don’t give up even when it’s hard, God can use us too. Just like he used Paul.

Read all about Paul in Athens in Acts 17:16-32. Want to dig deeper and learn more about how you can share God’s story? Check out 1 Peter 2:9, Acts 1:8, and Romans 10:8.


Paul is really great at talking to people. Not everyone has that gift, and that’s okay. There are lots of other ways we can share our faith with others.

  • You could paint a picture that is inspired by a Bible story.

  • You could start a faith-based ecology club where you take time to pick up garbage or plant a vegetable garden because you love God and his world.

  • You could develop strong relationships and friendships and show others that you care about them.

Take some time to brainstorm 5 ways you can let people know about Jesus even if you aren’t comfortable talking to them.