The Women at the Tomb

Jesus is alive!

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Memory Verse

“Jesus isn't here! He has been raised from death. Remember that while he was still in Galilee, he told you.”

Audio Icon   Luke 24:6



How would you react if you came to the grave of your loved one and it was empty? You may be shocked, afraid, angry, or sad. Imagine what the women who came to the tomb must have thought. Already sad and heartbroken by his death on the cross, now they were in shock to see that he was gone.

They came to prepare Jesus’ body for burial. Instead, they found an empty tomb. The women met by two men there wearing shining, white clothes. Other gospels, Matthew, Mark and John, identify them as angels. The men reminded the women about the words Jesus spoke in Galilee when he said he would die and then rise to life again.

The women remembered and returned to tell the apostles all that happened. An empty tomb was actually God’s plan coming to completion.

Read about the events at the tomb in Matthew 28:1-10; Mark 16:1-8; John 20:1-10. Want to dig deeper and learn more about other women who followed Jesus? Check out Luke 8:1-3, Matthew 27:55, John 20:11-18.


As you go through the next week, look for the good in a bad situation. Use a notebook or journal to track your activity at school, home, sports, or other extracurricular activities. When you have a bad experience, write it down. At the end of the week, go back and reflect on what happened. Were there any positive experiences? What lessons did you learn? What can you do to make things better? Share your reflections with your family. Ask them to find the goodness of God in their own situations.