Attitude of Gratitude

Lucille's article deadline is quickly approaching! What can she possibly write for next edition of the Terrene Gazette?

Before You Listen

After you listen

Memory Verse

“Give thanks in all circumstances. . .”

Audio Icon   1 Thessalonians 5:18



In this episode, Lucille needed an idea for an article she was writing. After she met Tommy, a boy who had a terrible accident, and then heard about Morrie’s obstacles on the way to the science fair, she decided to write about being thankful.

The Psalmist also wrote about being thankful. Psalm 100, which is only five verses long, was written as a song of gratitude to God for all he has done. The psalmist was thankful that God made us and takes care of us. He praised the Lord for his goodness and for his love that will last forever. He thanked God for his faithfulness in keeping his plans and promises from one generation to another. This means that we can see God’s goodness to people in the past and know that he doesn’t change. He is as good and loving and faithful to us as he was to them. For that, and so much more, we should thank him.

Want to dig deeper into what it means to be thankful? Check out 2 Corinthians 4:15; Ephesians 5:19-20; Philippians 4:6.


We all have a lot to be thankful for, but we often forget to BE thankful! Stop and think about all that God has given you. When was the last time you thanked him for:

  • Dying on the cross for you and providing you with salvation?
  • Giving you a family and a home?
  • Preparing a wonderful future in heaven with him?

What else should you be thankful to God for? Make a paper chain with your family. On each piece of paper, write something you are thankful for. How long will your chain be?