Bible News: The Philippian Jailer

It's time for Clubhouse Theater as Liz and his friends present a play about Paul, Silas, and the Philippian jailer.

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“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.”

Audio Icon   Acts 16:31



In this episode, Liz and his friends put on a play about Paul and Silas in Philippi.

If you see a show on TV about a courtroom trial, you’ll see people who are called as witnesses. Their job is to tell about what they saw or heard or did. That’s what it means to be a witness—to tell others what you experienced. But it doesn’t have to be done in a particular way or at a particular time. If you saw an elephant on your way to school, you’d tell your friends because it would be exciting. You’d be a witness of what you saw. In the same way, you can be a witness for Jesus by telling people how you met him and what you’ve experienced with him.

Paul told others about his experiences whenever he could. In fact, there are two places in the book of Acts where he tells the entire story (Acts 22:1-16 and Acts 26:13-19). He never forgot that he had been an enemy of Jesus but that Jesus had chosen him to be a witness to others.

Want to dig deeper and learn about Paul’s work as a missionary? Check out Philippians 1:7-8, Philippians 1:21 and Philippians 3:7.


Think back over the past week. Have any exciting things happened in your life that you told your friends about? You probably even told them about some not-very-exciting things that happened. Read Paul’s story in Acts 22:1-16. If you have a story of when you trusted Jesus, write it down. If you don’t, ask someone you know to tell you theirs.