It's Called Murder

What does murder mean? Liz is sure that he’s never murdered anyone, but he needs some help figuring out the sixth commandment on this episode of Kids Corner.

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“You shall not commit murder”

Audio Icon   Exodus 20:13



In this episode, Liz and his friends explore different ways that people can be “murderers.”

When you look at the Ten Commandments, it seems like it would be easy to obey #6, “do not murder”. But is it? Can you pick out murderers? Test yourself with this quiz.

Murder: Yes or No? You be the judge!

  1. Cain killing his brother Abel out of jealousy and anger (Genesis 4).
  2. You and your friends gossiping about a classmate.
  3. King David sending a soldier to the front lines to be killed because David likes the man’s wife (2 Samuel 11).
  4. Someone who’s been treated badly getting revenge on a bully.
  5. Saul holding coats for other men as they stone Stephen to death for talking about Jesus (Acts 7).
  6. Someone in your class feeling happy when someone else gets laughed at.

How did you do? Which of these scenarios involved murder? The answer is…all

of them! Why? The Bible says murder isn’t just the physical killing of another human being; it’s more than that. Every time we hate someone, use mean words about someone, even think nasty thoughts about someone, we’re guilty of murder and have broken the 6th Commandment.

Want to dig deeper and learn more about how thoughts and actions can murder? Check out James 3:5-12, 1 John 3:15, and 1 John 2:9-11.


Have you ever witnessed a murder? How many times have you seen someone killed on TV, in movies, or in video games? In this episode, Granny Gekko reminds us that we have become callous to the loss of human life.

The next time you watch a violent TV show, movie, or video game, write down how many people are killed and how. Look at your list. How does it affect you to see that many people killed? Does it remind you that God alone is in control of human life, or does it make it seem like other people have the power? Your viewing habits should reflect your belief that God sees all life as valuable.