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When Liz and Spike ask tough questions about Christianity, Grandpa responds by giving them an adventure map to follow. Why a map? How does this map help answer questions about following Jesus?

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“Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be”

Audio Icon   John 12:26



In this episode, Grandpa Anole gave Liz and Spike a map to follow to find the answers to their questions about Christianity. The lesson Grandpa wanted them to learn was that Jesus doesn't just tell us where to go—he wants to show us. And he doesn't just tell us what to do―he says he'll go with us, just like Grandpa did.

The people in the Bible sometimes did unusual things because they were following what God told them to do. Because they followed God, God rewarded them. Some were given lots of land or many children; armies were given huge victories and more people were led to Christ!

What about you? Are you ready for an exciting adventure? The first step may just be saying, "OK, God, I'll follow you today!"

Want to dig deeper about following and trusting God? Check out Judges 6-7, Joshua 6 and 1 Chronicles 16:11.


Have you ever heard of a “vision board?” It’s a tool you can use to help you focus on a life goal. It’s a place to display images that represent what you want to be, do, or have in your life.

Create a vision board with five pictures showing what you want to be or do to follow God in your life. Then write on it in black marker, “Okay, God, I’ll follow you today!” God promises to be with you.