Route 32

On this extraordinary day, Liz experiences one disappointment after another. So how does it become the best day ever?

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Memory Verse

“Then I admitted my sin to you . . . And you forgave the guilt of my sin”

Audio Icon   Psalm 32:5



In this episode, Liz’s dad said “With each problem you face, God gives you an opportunity.” Liz faced all kinds of disappointment in this episode, but in the end had some awesome experiences.

Problems come our way everyday. What's important is how you look at your problems—are they painful experiences, or opportunities in disguise? The next time something goes wrong, look for the opportunity it brings. Is it a chance to learn more about God, to invite God to work inside you, to grow in God? Ask God to show you the opportunity hidden in the problem. You'll be surprised at how much you grow!

Want to dig deeper and learn more about God’s opportunities for us? Check out 2 Timothy 1:7, Proverbs 16:3 and 1 John 5:14-15.


Seeds are an example of waiting for God’s promises. Plant a seed in soil in a container in your house. Nothing will happen for a while—it will keep looking dead, but things are happening that you can't see. When your plant starts to peek out of the dirt, let it remind you that God is working beneath the surface of what seems like hopeless situations.