The Miracle of Easter

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet Jesus? Or to be in Jerusalem the very week Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead?

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“He is not here; he is risen, just as he said”

Audio Icon   Matthew 28:6



In this episode, you heard about the death and resurrection of Jesus—the first Easter. What if someone said to you, “Oh, I know all about Easter. It’s Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies and coloring eggs.” What would you say? Do you know how to talk about the real miracle of Easter? If you’re not sure what to say, here’s some help.

The Easter story starts with God and how he created you. God gave you value and purpose; he wants to you to know him personally. But when you sin, you can’t have a personal relationship with God. What is sin? Sin is anything (thoughts, actions, words, attitudes) that turns you away from God. What’s the result of sin? It separates you from God eternally—which means even after you die.

Some people respond to this separation from God by saying God doesn’t exist, or by doing lots of good things, or by focusing on jobs or money. None of these will take away your sin. But if that’s true, what can you do about your sin?

Jesus is the only one who can bring you to God. He paid the price for your sins when he died on the cross on Good Friday, but he didn’t remain dead. Jesus rose from the dead and defeated Satan and your sin once and for all on the first Easter Sunday!

How can you have a personal relationship with Jesus? First, admit you are a sinner and are separated from God because of that sin. Then believe that Jesus is your Savior—he promises to forgive your sin. Trust Jesus from now on to lead you so that you live for him.

That's the real meaning of Easter. We remember Jesus' death and resurrection, and we know that he did it all to save us! This year, if someone asks you about Easter and candy, be ready to talk about Jesus. He’s the reason we celebrate!

Want to dig deeper about Jesus’ resurrection? Read John 3:16, 1 Peter 1:3, and Matthew 28:1-8


Easter Cut-Out Storytelling Craft.

Kids Corner has a fun downloadable craft that can help you and your family tell the Easter story. Print out the pages and color each Easter character and setting.Then paste each character onto Popsicle sticks and rehearse the story provided. You could do a live puppet show or record an Easter story video to share with friends and family.