What's in a Name?

After Liz uses the expression, “Oh, geez,” Grandpa teaches the kids what it means to honor God’s name.

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After you listen

Memory Verse

“You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name”

Audio Icon   Exodus 20:7



In this episode, Liz and his friends all learned how they were misusing God’s name.

If you met the president, you wouldn’t call him by his first name. You would call him “Mr. President.” If you met the queen, you wouldn’t call her by her first name. You would call her “Your Majesty.” To use someone’s first name shows that you think you’re equal in importance to that person. If you used someone’s first name when you should be honoring him or her, you would be showing disrespect.

The apostles who traveled with Jesus and talked with him all the time never addressed him by his name. They called him Teacher (or Rabbi, which means the same thing), or Master, or Lord. They spoke to him with names of honor, to show that they respected him and didn’t think of themselves as his equals.

Want to dig deeper and learn about how God wants us to use his name? Check out Psalm 91:14, and Daniel 2:20.


After listening to this episode, you should understand the importance of names a little better. Think about kids in your school and your neighborhood. Do any of them get called nicknames they don’t like, or get laughed at because of their names? You can be a good friend to them by not calling them those nicknames, or by respecting their real names. When you hear others treating them with disrespect, tell them to stop. You may have an opportunity to tell them about Jesus Christ, whose name is the most important of all.