The Story of Samson

God had plans for his people. Listen to the story of Samson.

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(His parents did not know that this was from the Lord, who was seeking an occasion to confront the Philistines; for at that time they were ruling over Israel.)

Audio Icon   Judges 14:4



Wow. Samson was quite a character in God’s story, and he’s not a role model. He makes bad choices throughout his adult life. He had little control over his temper; people easily manipulated him; he was violent and very arrogant. What a surprising person for God to choose! On the surface, his life looked like a disaster. But God does not just work on the surface. He had long-term plans to free his people from the evil Philistines who had taken over Israel. Nothing could stop God’s plans: not even a deeply flawed man like Samson.

But the people could not see God’s big plan. They could only see Samson messing up, time after time, until finally, he seemed utterly defeated and humbled. God gave Samson incredible strength, but Samson relied on that strength instead of on God. Only when Samson’s strength was gone was he able to repent, and then God put his plan into action. God was able to destroy all of the Philistine leadership in one blow and free his people.

Proverbs 19:21 says that people can make all the plans they want, but ultimately, God’s plans will prevail. That is very comforting when the plans we make don’t turn out. Nothing can stop God’s plans, and his plans are always good.

Want to dig deeper and learn more about how trusting in God’s plans can be comforting when things go wrong? Check out 2 Corinthians 4:17-18, Matthew 6:25-14, and Proverbs 16:1-4.


Songs can often be a source of comfort when things seem confusing or wrong. Learn a song that reminds you of God’s big plan. Two good suggestions might be “My God is so Big” or “He’s Got the Whole World in his Hands.” For more of a challenge try “Great is Thy Faithfulness”or “In Christ Alone.”