The Tongue is like a Spark

The Tongue is like a Spark

September 17, 2022

Bible Readings

Take a few minutes to read the Bible verses listed and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in how this verse applies to you this week.

James 3:1-12, James 1:19, Philippians 4:8

Memory Verse

James 3:5-6

It takes only a spark to start a forest fire! The tongue is like a spark. It is an evil power that dirties the rest of the body and sets a person’s entire life on fire with flames that come from hell itself.

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Think for a minute and make a list of ways people can use fire. Then, go through your list and mark whether each item is a good thing or a bad thing.

Even though fire can be useful, it can also cause a lot of damage. We must be cautious around fire. You must never play with matches or a lighter. We always make sure living room candles will not get knocked over, and we put out the fire before leaving a campsite.

When James says “The tongue is like a spark,” he’s comparing our words to fire. Just like how a tiny spark can start a cozy campfire or a devastating forest fire, your words can help or hurt those around you. You can choose to say either nice things or mean things to your sister or brother. With your words, you can choose to encourage your friend or make fun of your friend. Just like with fire, we need to be careful with our words.

After showing how our words can be like fire, James points out that when we use kind, loving, and true words, we reflect how God speaks to us. Isn’t it amazing that we can speak the words of the God who created the stars and planets to our friends and family? Just like how a parent can teach you how to use fire safely, your words can help teach others about God: our God comforts the hurting, loves his creation, speaks the truth, and guides the lost.


Dear God, help me use my words to build up those around me today. May the words of my mouth be pleasing in your sight. Amen.

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