When We All Work Together

When We All Work Together

November 25, 2023

Bible Readings

Take a few minutes to read the Bible verses listed and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in how this verse applies to you this week.

Nehemiah 3:1-16

Memory Verse

Romans 12:4-5 (CEV)

“A body is made up of many parts, and each of them has its own use. That's how it is with us. There are many of us, but we each are part of the body of Christ, as well as part of one another."

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Can you imagine building a wall thick enough to walk on all the way around your city? It would probably take a long time.

However, the Israelites didn’t have a long time. After the King of Babylon told them they could go home, they were so excited. And when they got to Jerusalem, the Israelites wanted to feel safe. But without a wall to protect them, they were not safe.

That’s why Nehemiah convinced everyone to help build one. Priests built the Sheep Gate (Nehemiah 3:1), and families built walls and gates by their homes (Nehemiah 3:2-16). Because they worked together, they finished the wall in 52 days (Nehemiah 6:15)!

That’s super fast. Can you imagine how much teamwork and coordination it took them to build it? Even more so when you realize that their neighbors didn’t want them to succeed, so half of the Israelites had to stop building so they could protect the workers (Nehemiah 4:16). But, even though their enemies tried to stop them, they kept trusting God and working (Nehemiah 4:4). When we trust God and work together, he can accomplish some pretty amazing things through us.

If you look at your life, is there something you’re struggling to do right now? Maybe you have a school presentation coming up, but you’re scared of speaking in front of people. Or perhaps you’re trying to make a present for a friend, but you don’t know how. Who could you ask to help you overcome your obstacle?

We all need help sometimes. That’s okay. God made us that way back at the beginning of creation (Genesis 2:18). So, if you find yourself needing help, reach out and ask. Who knows what you will be able to do when you work together?


Dear God, thank you for helping me when I need it. And thank you for giving me friends, family members, teachers, and other people who can help me when I need it too. Please help me be brave enough to ask for help when I need it.

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Christina Van Starkenburg

Christina Van Starkenburg

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