Bible News: Esther, Part One

Clubhouse Theater presents the story of Esther. Who is she in the Bible and why is she so important?

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Memory Verse

“On the third day Esther put on her royal robes and stood in the inner court of the palace, in front of the king’s hall. The king was sitting on his royal throne in the hall, facing the entrance”

Audio Icon   Esther 5:1



In this episode, Liz and the gang tell the story of Esther. Esther needs to be brave and stand up for her people, even when it’s dangerous. Queen Esther had courage when she went to see the king. She knew that if the king was in a bad mood and didn't want to see her, he could have her put to death. She also knew she had to ask the king to change his mind … can you imagine how much courage that took? She needed to ask the king to not kill all of the Jews (herself included!), even though he’d already promised to do so.

She admitted she was scared to go see the king. She asked her cousin to have all of the Jews fast and pray for her, so she wasn't alone. Then, she just did it. She knew, whatever happened to her, that going to see the king was the right thing to do. It was what God wanted her to do.

Do you need more courage in your life? If so, have someone you trust pray for you. Pray and ask God to give you courage. Trust in God's strength, and experience the thrill of courage!

Want to dig deeper and explore what scripture says about courage? Check out Psalm 27:1, Isaiah 41:13 and 2 Timothy 1:7.


Regardless of where you are, God wants you to be courageous for him. For many of the hardest things God asks you to do, it takes 15 seconds of bravery—the bravery needed to introduce yourself to someone, the bravery needed to ask someone to stop, the bravery needed to get started on a difficult task. Pick one time that you need 15 seconds of bravery. Ask for God’s help both to see the task that needs to be done, and the bravery needed to do it. Talk to someone after you have done your brave act.