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For Liz, what is the most important ingredient for success? Is it skill, knowledge or teamwork?

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“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”

Audio Icon   Ecclesiastes 4:12



When the people of Israel came back from exile in Babylon, they found their city of Jerusalem in ruins. The first thing they needed to do was to rebuild the wall around their city to keep them safe. Nehemiah organized the Israelites to work together. Each family took a section of the wall to rebuild (Nehemiah 3). With everyone doing his or her part toward the common goal, Nehemiah 6:15 says that the whole project only took fifty-two days!

When you are a part of team, are you making the work easier or harder for your teammates? There is a common proverb that says, “Many hands make light work.”

Are you putting the work of God and others first, or are you working so that people will say good things about your work?

Want to dig deep and learn more about teamwork? Check out Acts 13:1-3, Numbers 11:14-17 and 1 Corinthians 3:6-9.


Working together as a family, choose a job to do together. You could clear the table and do the dishes, pull weeds, clean a room in the house, or fold and put away laundry. What else can you come up with? How does the work change when people work together?

Serve your community by tackling a job at church. For example, you could put away chairs, clean up the fellowship hall, fold bulletins, or wash nursery toys. What else needs to be done?