Internet Mayhem

Online shopping can be just a click away! Join Liz as he tries to surf the web and gets more than he bargained for.

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Memory Verse

“Don’t be tempted by sinners.”

Audio Icon   Proverbs 1:10



In this episode, Liz makes one bad choice and it soon leads to many more. He has to lie to cover up each new thing. Before long, he’s made too many bad choices and told too many lies to hide.

James 1:13-15 talks about the way temptation leads to sin. First, people tend to blame God. But God never tempts us to do evil. It’s our own evil desires that allow us to be tempted by things of this world. When we give into our desires, we sin, and sin only gets worse and worse. The only way to avoid sin is to resist the temptation at the very beginning. And the only way to resist temptation is to trust God.

Want to dig deeper to find out what can happen when you resist temptation? Check out Matthew 26:41; James 1:2-4; James 4:7.


Choose one of the verses from today's lesson. Write it on an index card and decorate it. Attach it to your computer screen to remind you and your family to honor God with your internet use. Do you have more than one computer? Make a card for each!

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