Lost and Found - 1

Liz gets away with everything! That's what his sister Linda thinks. And what do a coin and missing chick have to do with precious Liz?

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Memory Verse

“‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found’”

Audio Icon   Luke 15: 31-32



In this episode, Granny lost her ring and Grandpa lost one of his 100 chicks. Have you ever lost something? What did you do? Did you frantically search for it? How did you feel when you lost it? How did you feel when you were searching for it, and when you finally found it? Jesus used these feelings to teach us about the kingdom of God.

Parables are lessons wrapped in stories. Jesus would teach important things about the Kingdom of God by using examples that everyone could understand. He told stories about sheep, because everyone lived in an agricultural society and saw sheep in the hills all the time. He told a story about a lost coin because we hate to lose something valuable in our house, and we won’t give up until we find it. Everyone understands that. Finally, Jesus told a story about the love a parent has for a child. Many of us have experienced that kind of love, whether as a child or a parent, a sibling or a spouse, or even just a best friend. . As we read these stories, we can start to understand a little more about what God and his Kingdom are like. If you ever find yourself wondering if God truly knows you and loves you, re-read these stories and think about what they say about his care for you. When you became a Christian, God was so excited that he invited all of heaven to celebrate with him. Just imagine—all of heaven rejoiced that you had been found! Yes, God knows you—and yes, God loves you!

Want to dig deeper about God’s love for the lost? Read Luke 19:10 and John 17:9.


There are people we meet every day who don’t know God or who have walked away from him. How would you share your faith with them if you could? What is important for them to know? Write a commercial “selling” a life with God and saying why having faith in God is the only way to live. Your message should say what you believe and why you believe it. Practice your commercial until it sounds polished. Share it with your family and think of someone that you could share your faith with who doesn’t believe.