Morrie the Samaritan

Who should Liz choose: a Good Samaritan or the exciting Iguanas? Liz learns lesson in friendship and bike safety.

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“Love your neighbor as yourself”

Audio Icon   Luke 10:27



In this episode, Liz chooses to be with the cool kids instead of a good friend. But Morrie chose to act in a Christ-like way—just like in the parable of the Good Samaritan. Now, this parable might make you squirm. You might find that you are more like the priest or the Pharisee than the Samaritan. How many times have you turned away from someone in need? How many times have you helped someone only enough to make yourself feel good instead of to make sure they’re really cared for?

Jesus told this parable because a religious leader asked the question, “And who is my neighbor?” The religious leader who asked this knew that God says that we are to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Are you like this religious leader? You may know a lot about the Bible and what God expects from you, but are you reluctant to help others if it’s inconvenient? Do you wonder if this means your friends (yay!) or your enemies (boo!); those who are nice to you (yay!) or those who hurt you (boo!); those who are popular (yay!) or those who are not popular (boo!)? In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (see Matthew 5:43-47). That’s a real challenge. But with God’s help, we can do it.

Want to dig deeper about how to love your neighbor? Read 1 Peter 3:8-11, Isaiah 1:17 and Psalm 82:3


Play charades with your family! First, get some slips of paper and write out some situations where things aren’t fair. Here are some examples to help you come up with ideas: no food to eat, being bullied, can’t afford heat in the house on a cold day, can’t pay to see a doctor when you are sick, can’t afford to go to school, cheating on a test. Can you add some of your own?

Take turns acting out the scenes and see if someone can guess. Then talk about why each situation isn’t fair (“just”), and how you and your family can help to seek justice when you see these situations happen. Make a commitment to each other to be bold, brave, and sacrificial by pursuing justice every day this week.