The Scales of a Cheat

School is upside down with both Liz and Skink both getting A's. And why is Granny refusing to attend her high school reunion?

Before You Listen

After you listen

Memory Verse

“The Lord hates everyone who cheats but he likes everyone who is honest.”

Audio Icon   Proverbs 11:1



In this episode, Liz wants to get an A on his test so much that he decides to cheat on his quiz.

Cheating is wrong. But sometimes, people still cheat because they want something so much. When we lie or cheat we are hurting God’s reputation. Just like our behavior can say something bad or good about our family, it can also say something about God. We want to honor God and glorify him in everything we say or do. And we want God to have a good and true reputation. Then others who may not know him will be drawn to him and want to be his child (1 John 2:4).

When you begin to want something so much that you are tempted to cheat, what should you do? Tell God. Tell him what you want. Tell him how you are thinking about cheating to get it. Ask him for help. He will listen, and he will help you. Don't cheat. Cheating hurts everyone.


Have you lied to someone this week? Talk to your parents about it. You will need to be brave! Then tell that person, apologize and then tell them the truth. You will be doing the right thing and will feel better in the end, even if there is a consequence first.