What's the Big Deal?

What’s the big deal about little sins? Why is Liz’s dad so upset when Liz didn’t do anything really bad?

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“Your own evil longings tempt you. They lead you on and drag you away. When they are allowed to grow they give birth to sin. And when sin has grown up it gives birth to death.”

Audio Icon   James 1:14-15



In this episode Liz asks the question “What’s the big deal? He thought that taking a pipe from an old house was okay. Liz’s dad recognizes that when you give into a little temptation it makes it easier to give into a bigger temptation later.

In 1 Kings 10-11, maybe Solomon's reasoning went something like this: "When I bought all those horses from Egypt, nothing bad happened, so what would be wrong with collecting lots of gold?” We normally don’t see the results of sin immediately, but they will come. Wise Solomon gave in to the same temptations that the rest of us face. He compromised on what he thought wasn’t a big deal and chose his way rather than God's. The danger, though, is that small compromises lead to major sins. For Solomon, the results were devastating. His son ended up losing the whole kingdom of Israel. His experience is a warning of how little sins can lead to big problems.

Want to dig deeper and explore what scripture says about “big deals?” Check out 2 Thessalonians 3:3, Matthew 26:41 and 1 Corinthians 10:13.


Try an experiment. Take a glass of water and add just one drop of food coloring. The one drop of food coloring seems like "no big deal," but it makes a big difference in the water! See what happens. Once the food coloring is in the water, try getting it out? How is this like giving in to temptation that seems like "no big deal"?