Where's Your Manners? 2

When Miss Manners comes to town for a reality show about manners the kids all try to win the contest. But the winner is a surprise for everyone.

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Memory Verse

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.”

Audio Icon   Matthew 7:12



In this episode, Skink surprises everyone with his excellent manners. If Skink can learn good manners, anyone can! How about you? Are you good at showing others kindness, courtesy and respect? Manners aren’t just for special occasions or company. Manners should be something that you use all day every day with everyone you meet! That’s because using good manners shows that you care about someone and that shows respect. God wants us to treat others as we would like to be treated. That’s often called “the golden rule”.

Manners can also be contagious. When you remember to use manners with others, they will want to also use their manners with you and with others as well. It’s one of the easy ways to love your neighbor.

Want to dig deeper about loving your neighbor with manners? Read Mark 12:31 and Luke 6:31


Make a manners game board. Draw a grid 4 x 4 (16 squares) on a sheet of paper. In each square, write one thing that can be done to show manners (eg. Saying please, saying thank you, holding the door for someone, giving a compliment, saying good morning to someone, saying hello to someone new, help someone with a job, etc.) Share your gameboard with your family. Give each family member a different color marker or crayon. As each person shows manners, they can make a mark in that square. After a day or two, look at how your family did. Discuss how easy or hard this was to do. How did you feel when you remembered to use your manners?