Yeah, Whatever

Liz decides to adopt an “I don’t care” attitude when he gets a bad grade. What can Grandpa do to help him change his attitude?

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“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”

Audio Icon   Ecclesiastes 9:10a



In this episode, Liz gets discouraged and decides that nothing matters. But Grandpa Anole tells him a story that convinces him otherwise.

An ambassador is a person who is sent by the leader of a country to represent him or her in another place. The ambassador represents the leader at all times.

When we trust Jesus as Savior, we become his ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20). We represent him to everyone we meet. If people see us not doing our best or not caring about things, they will think that Jesus doesn’t make a difference in our lives. When we have a good attitude about the things in our lives, other people will notice and want to follow Jesus too!

Want to dig deeper and learn about the importance of a good attitude? Check out 2 Corinthians 5:10, Colossians 3:17, and Colossians 3:23.


Keep a journal of everything you do for a day. After each activity, write down how it could help you represent Jesus to another person. How can you do that activity for him? What might happen if you did each thing with a bad attitude? At the end of the day, read what you’ve written and ask the Lord to help you have a good attitude about everything you do.