Advent At Home: Week 1- Hope

Advent At Home: Week 1- Hope

November 27, 2021

Bible Verse

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (NIV)  Isaiah 9:6

Throughout the Old Testament, God's people waited full of hope for the Messiah. Today, we know that the Messiah has already come, that he was born over two thousand years ago in a stable in Bethlehem. But as we prepare to celebrate Jesus' birth on Christmas Day, we also excitedly wait, like God's people in the Old Testament. In fact, the four weeks leading up to Christmas are a special time for God's people to join together in anticipation of Christ's birth. This time is called Advent.

Many churches use Advent wreaths that have five candles making up a circle. The candles are lit, one candle per week, for four weeks; the fifth candle is lit on Christmas Eve. Often, a special reading is said during the lighting of each candle.

The next five parent blogs can be read each week at home. Your family can arrange five candles and maybe decorate them with a simple wreath. You can talk about each of the four Advent candles: hope, peace, joy and love. On Christmas Eve, light the fifth candle to represent Christ, the light of the world.

What You Need

  1. Four votive candles. Weekly candles represent the themes of hope, peace, joy and love. Three of the candles can be purple, the traditional color of Advent. Use a pink candle on the third week to represent joy.

  2. A white pillar candle to represent Christ, the light of the world.

  3. A plate or board underneath all five candles. Place the candles in a circle on the plate or board around the white pillar candle. If safety is a concern, use battery-operated candles instead.

What To Do

Choose a day and time each week when your family will light the Advent candle, for example, Sunday evening after supper. Try to be consistent.

Light the candle of the corresponding week. Hope is the first candle. In following weeks, you would also light the candles from the previous weeks.

Each week, take turns reading and lighting the candle(s). Have someone say, “This is the first week of Advent, and we light the candle of hope.” Then have someone light the candle of hope.

Dig Deeper

  • Talk about the devotion Advent: A Time of Hope. You might use the prayer at the end of the devotion together.

  • To learn more about what hope means in the Bible, read Isaiah 9:2-7.

  • Ask this question: In what ways can we show the hope in Jesus to others?Allow each family member to answer the question, and then have a conversation about what hope means to them. After the sharing time, say, “Let’s find ways to show our hope in Jesus to everyone we meet this week.”

  • Listen to (or even sing!) a family favorite Christmas carol about hope, like “O Come All Ye Faithful.” You can listen to an Advent playlist on Spotify We also love "Waiting Songs" by Rain for Roots.

We pray that this practice of participating in Advent gives your family a deep sense of anticipation for Christmas. May God bless you during this special season.

Want to do a deep dive? Check out Family Fire's article Finding Hope

Ron VandenBurg

Ron VandenBurg

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