Safe Spaces and Soul Care

Safe Spaces and Soul Care

March 18, 2023

Bible Verse

Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. (NIV)  Psalm 62:8

Helping our children feel safe in our world can be daunting when we ourselves feel anxious. Modeling soul care like Jesus modeled for us is key.

There are many different ways of seeking refuge in God. Depending on your child’s personality and your unique relationship as their parent, we hope that you can personalize the following strategies to discover the love, peace, and faithfulness of God’s presence.

Create a “Home Free” zone with God. Does your child have a favorite spot at home, in the yard, or perhaps their bedroom? Is that a place that they can go to tell God how they are feeling? Psalm 62:8 says, “Trust in him at all times, O people. Pour out your heart before him.” Maybe your child can write to Jesus in a journal or color pictures to show him how they are feeling.

Breathe in the promises of God. God is always with us. A Breath Prayer is an ancient form of prayer, so try this soul-care deep breathing 3-5 times. Simply breathing in his promises can remind us that he is our refuge and safe place. With your child breathe in deeply and say out loud or in your hearts, “God always is with me.” Now breathe out slowly and say, “Thank you Jesus that you are here.”

Find our refuge in nature. When your child is feeling overwhelmed, try going for a walk outside with them.

  • Ask them to spot God in the beauty of five different parts of nature, like maybe in the clouds, in the blue sky, or in a colorful flower.

  • Have your child close their eyes and ask them, “Can you hear God whisper his love to you in four different creation sounds?” Listen for a chirping bird or the rustling leaves.

  • Next, invite your child to feel God’s closeness by touching three different parts of creation. They can run their fingers through the grass or dip their toes in a stream.

  • Now ask them to breathe deeply and fill their lungs with fresh air. Ask, “Do you notice two smells that remind you of God’s faithfulness?” Has it just rained? Is there a blossoming tree nearby?

  • Lastly, invite them to speak their thanks to God for showing himself through our incredible world. Together tell God what you noticed, what you appreciated. Allow his peace and joy to fill you up.

Imprint God’s Word on our hearts. As a family, memorize a favorite Bible verse that assures us of God’s presence. During times of high stress, anxiety, and fear speak these words of truth out loud. Some family favorites may be Psalm 23, Psalm 91:9-12, Joshua 1:9, Psalm 5:11-12, or Deuteronomy 33:12.

As your family practices finding refuge in Jesus, allow him to show you other soul care strategies that are personalized to you and your children. He knows you inside and out after all. Rest in the peace of his presence and the safety of his love.

Recommended Books:

  • “Children, Can you Hear Me?” Brad Jersak

  • “Quinn’s Promise Rock” Christie Thomas

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