Kind of Kind

Random Acts of Kindness are breaking out all over. Who's doing it? And how can Liz discover how to be kind—even when it’s hard.

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Memory Verse

“And God’s servants must not be troublemakers. They must be kind to everyone. . .”

Audio Icon   2 Timothy 2:24



In this episode, Liz and his friends see an example of kindness when a helpful stranger comes to town.

In Matthew 25:35-40, we learn why we should be kind. Jesus wants us to model his kindness to others. He says that when we feed those who are hungry, or give shelter to those who have no homes or clothes to those who don’t have enough, it’s the same as being kind to him. He told his disciples to take care of the sick and visit those in prison. It is God’s will that we are kind to those who need help in any way we can.

Want to dig deeper into what the Bible says about kindness? Check out Proverbs 19:17; Ephesians 4:32; James 2:1-8.


In Matthew 25:35-40 Jesus mentioned some ways that we should be kind. Think of a way that you and your family can be kind in the ways Jesus mentioned.

  • Is there a soup kitchen in your town where you can volunteer or a place where you can package food for refugees?
  • Can you raise money to help support a home for orphans or others who don’t have homes?
  • Can you visit people in your church who can’t leave their homes?
  • Can you support a local prison ministry in some way?

What else can you do to be kind to those less fortunate?