The Miracle of Easter: Audio Bible Stories for Resurrection Sunday

The Miracle of Easter: Audio Bible Stories for Resurrection Sunday

March 7, 2024

When we think of Easter, or Resurrection Sunday as it is sometimes called, we often think of pretty colored eggs, yummy chocolate bunnies, and new spring dresses. While those are fun family traditions, we need to remember that Easter is actually the most important Christian holiday. It’s when we celebrate Jesus being raised from the dead or resurrected. That Jesus came back to life after dying on the cross is one of the main ideas of the Christian faith. When we read the story to our children, it can make us feel both sad and happy at the same time.

If you’re looking for a different approach to hearing the story of Easter, you should check out the stories below from our KC Bible Stories library. These dramatized audio stories tell the story of who Jesus is, what his last days were like, how the religious leaders and Romans nailed him to a cross, and how God raised him back to life on the third day. Each story features a discussion guide with memory verses and Bible readings to take your family deeper into the true Resurrection story. Each discussion guide includes a family challenge to help your child see their part in God’s big story.

Listen to the stories of “The Miracle of Easter” right here on our website or your favorite podcast platform.

Who is Jesus? - Part 1. Who is Jesus? The disciples knew Jesus as a miracle worker and teacher. The crowds thought Jesus might be some prophet. Peter confessed that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God, even if he didn’t know exactly what that meant. Knowing who Jesus is is an essential part of the Easter story.

Palm Sunday and the Arrest - Part 2. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the last week of Jesus’ life. On that day, Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey. People threw down their cloaks and waved palm branches to welcome him. By Friday, Jesus had been arrested and tried. Now, a new crowd saw him as a troublemaker.

The Cross - Part 3. Good Friday seemed like the worst day ever! The day ended with Jesus dead and buried in a tomb. How could anyone call this a good day? To save us from eternal separation from God, Jesus died a horrible death. Jesus’ death separated him from God so that we would not have to be.

Resurrection! - Part 4. Jesus’ followers didn’t understand that he would have to die to fulfill God’s plan for salvation. They felt very sad about his death. They didn’t understand the next part of the plan either: that Jesus would come alive again! Death wasn’t the end of Jesus’ story! It isn’t the end of our story either.

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Christopher Hunt

Christopher Hunt

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