What Does God Want Me To Do Right Now?

What Does God Want Me To Do Right Now?

June 10, 2023

Bible Readings

Take a few minutes to read the Bible verses listed and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in how this verse applies to you this week.

1 Kings 3:5-14

Memory Verse

1 Kings 3:9

“Please make me wise and teach me the difference between right and wrong. Then I will know how to rule your people. If you don’t, there is no way I could rule this great nation of yours.”  (CEV)

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What if God, the Creator of the universe, promised to give you whatever you wanted? That’s right! Anything you could want or imagine. What would you ask for? Would it be unlimited toys? Never-ending bowls of ice cream? Pet dinosaurs? Money-growing trees? Those requests all sound amazing, but what about asking God for a wise and discerning heart?

Out of all the things he could ask God for, Solomon asked God for wisdom and discernment. Wisdom is the knowledge and understanding you get from life’s experiences. Discernment is the ability to know right from wrong. After King David died, young Solomon became king of Israel. He wanted to be a great leader, just like his father. But he wasn’t sure what to do. In verse 7, he said, “But I am only a little child and do not know how to carry out my duties.” With a wise and discerning heart, Solomon would be sure to make good choices for himself, and as a leader, he would help others to do the same. And if he chose to obey God’s commands, God promised to give Solomon even all the amazing things he didn't ask for.

Just like Solomon, you too can pray and ask God to give you his wisdom and discernment. That way you will know what he wants you to do. When he guides you through his Holy Spirit, be sure to obey right away. You’ll make God’s heart happy, and your heart will be full of joy as well.


Father God, thank you for today. Help me to serve you in every way. Please give me discernment to know right from wrong, so I’ll make good choices all the day long. Amen.
Jenée V. Giles-Hamilton

Jenée V. Giles-Hamilton

Jenée V. Giles-Hamilton is a wife, TV writer, and homeschools two of her four sons (ages five years old to 21). She loves searching for the perfect picture books to read to her younger sons and Bible devotions to share at family dinners. She also enjoys caring for their two cats: Nano-Rex and Santi Cat.

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