Creation Through a Child's Eyes

Creation Through a Child's Eyes

April 15, 2023

Bible Verse

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy. (NIV)  Psalm 65:8

If you’ve ever taken a walk with a toddler, no matter where you are, there are interesting things to see and examine: pretty rocks to pick up, bugs to watch crawl around, and flowers to smell. Everything a toddler comes across is worth stopping for and marveling at. The Belgic Confession agrees with the amazed child; the “universe is before our eyes like a beautiful book in which all creatures, great and small, are as letters to make us ponder the invisible things of God” (Article 2). God created the world for us to enjoy and to help us learn more about who he is.

Think of the joy you felt when you introduced your kids to your favorite song, book, movie, game, or place, and they enjoyed it as much as you do. How much more joy does God get from watching you enjoy and explore the creation he declared good? The rest of this article will offer suggestions for ways to explore God’s creation with your kids. What else might you add?

Try a New Recipe

Choose a day to try a new recipe for dinner. Try something from different places in the world or featuring foods or spices new to your family. As you enjoy the dish, ask your kids what different flavors stand out to them.

Watch Nature Videos

Look up videos of different animals online. Marvel at the different strategies used by orcas as they hunt their food. Or check out the wood frogs of Alaska who freeze solid during winter and thaw again during spring. Or how about the grasshopper mice who are immune to the sting of the scorpions? What other animals can you find with God’s unique touches built into them? What animal would your children love to (safely) see in the wild?

Connect it to God

As you enjoy these moments with them, ask them what these experiences reveal about God. How might their favorite book reveal God’s creativity? How might God’s power be reflected in the ant’s strength? How might God’s faithfulness be found in their math homework? Talk together and share what you see! May you and your family enjoy the awesome and amazing wonder of God’s creation.

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Philip Vander Windt

Philip Vander Windt

Philip VanderWindt is the pastor at Champlain Valley Christian Reformed Church. In his free time he enjoys building “tall-tall towers” with his kids, analyzing worldviews of films and music with his wife, photographing the beauty of God’s creation, dabbling in leathercraft and woodwork, and writing.

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