I’m Skink, and I’m about to talk, which means you’re about to listen.

Everyone always says I’m nothing but trouble, but they don’t know the truth. I’m an innocent, kind, and fun loving lizard who always appreciates all of my fellow lizards around me. Especially Liz!

Okay,Fine, Mumbly Pete! Here’s the truth. There are so many losers in this town I can barely stand it. That’s why I’m in Terrene – because if I weren’t, it would be probably crumble!

Liz, Spike, Morrie, even that Cowboy Cole – They all wish they were me and that’s the truth. And don’t get me started on little miss goody two shoes Lucille – She thinks she’s the smartest lizard walking!

Quiet Pete!

I’m out of here – Who told me I had to record this thing anyway?